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911 Gts

911 Gts Porsche-Bestzeiten in Hockenheim und auf Nordschleife

So in etwa läuft das mit einem GTS. Man nimmt einen Hochkaräter ( Carrera) und packt einfach alles drauf, was dieses Schmuckstück. Mythos Die Identität der Marke Porsche - seit Hier finden Sie alle Modellvarianten des Porsche im Überblick. Für den GTS verlangte Porsche Preise von Euro ( Carrera GTS) bis Euro ( Targa 4 GTS). Sondermodell R[Bearbeiten | Quelltext. Mehr Leistung, mehr Ausstattung, mehr Tempo – die neue Carrera GTS-Familie dürfte Fans des begeistern. Hier geht's zum Fahrbericht. Bisher zeichneten sich die GTS-Elfer mehr durch ihre schicke Optik als durch einen echten Performance-Gewinn aus. Gilt das auch für den.

911 Gts

Der Preis für den Porsche GTS () steht fest. Die Variante gibt es sowohl als Coupé als auch als Cabrio! So in etwa läuft das mit einem GTS. Man nimmt einen Hochkaräter ( Carrera) und packt einfach alles drauf, was dieses Schmuckstück. Informationen zum Porsche Gts gesucht? Hier finden Sie technische Daten, Preise, Statistiken, Tests und die wichtigsten Fragen auf einen Blick. 911 Gts

Additionally, the GTS has its rear license plate mounted higher compared to regular Carrera models for a more balanced look.

Finally, the GTS adopts clear taillights instead of the usual red units for a more sophisticated appearance. Since the Porsche So expect around PS hp from the new GTS, which should continue to feature a six-speed manual transmission as standard, while a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic will be available as an option.

Skip to content. June 27, at am. The driver of this Bugatti Divo certainly pushed it hard at the Nordschleife.

Italy could reportedly host three F1 races over three consecutive weekends. The new Kia e-Niro 2 features a smaller battery and has a mile range.

The Seat Leon is put to the test in the sporty FR grade. This tuned Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody can sprint to 60 mph in 2.

June 26, at pm. This double-clutch arrangement provides an alternating, non-positive connection between the two half gearboxes and the engine by means of two separate input shafts.

During a gear change, therefore, one clutch simply opens and the other closes at the same time, enabling gear changes to take place within milliseconds.

This has consequences: positive ones, of course. Not least for acceleration, overall performance and fuel economy. Driving feels even more dynamic and agility is increased.

What about the gear changes themselves? The electronic transmission control logic of the Intelligent Shift Program ISP offers more immediate and faster traction-induced upshifts and downshifts on overrun.

So changing up a gear becomes a physical experience — and an emotive one. Banking left-hand corner ahead.

That means rebounding from the compression experienced in the dip on the right-hand side of the tarmac.

Approaching the imminent left-hand corner from the outside and turning into the apex to ride the kerbs. Preferably not just the once.

But again and again and again. In conjunction with a series of specifically tuned chassis components, this means that the new GT3 RS offers extraordinary agility, a high degree of driving safety in the high speed range and extremely stable handling.

The lightweight, independent front suspension combines McPherson-type struts with helper springs and longitudinal and transverse links.

The rear axle has a multi-link suspension with helper springs and chassis subframe following the LSA concept lightweight, stable, agile.

Camber, track and the anti-roll bars can be individually adapted for use on the race track. Our engineers spent plenty of hours fine-tuning the driving dynamics setup.

Based on established racing strategy, the ride rates of the springs at the front and rear axles of the new GT3 RS have been significantly increased.

At the same time, the roll rates have been reduced by the use of a softer antiroll bar. Damping characteristics have been optimally adapted to these new parameters.

For the absolute maximum level of performance possible, all suspension joints have also been replaced by ball joints. These provide a particularly firm connection between the suspension and the body.

For precise, sharp and direct handling. Result: a further increase in dynamic performance — and precision. The nicest challenges are still the ones we encounter time and time again.

Fitted as standard, rear-axle steering with sports tuning combines performance and everyday driveability. An electromechanical adjustment system at each rear wheel enables the steering angle to be adapted based on the current driving situation, steering input and vehicle speed.

Advantage at low speeds: the system steers the rear wheels in the opposite direction to that of the front wheels. This has the virtual effect of shortening the wheelbase.

Negotiating tight corners becomes a more dynamic experience, while manoeuvring becomes easier to manage and the turning circle is reduced.

Advantage at higher speeds: the system steers the rear wheels in the same direction as that of the front wheels. Thanks to this virtual extension of the wheelbase, driving stability and agility are increased — especially in the event of fast lane changes or during overtaking manoeuvres on the race track.

This electronically controlled system minimises the perceptible oscillations and vibrations of the entire drivetrain, especially the engine, and combines the benefits of a hard or soft engine mounting arrangement.

A hard engine mounting delivers optimum dynamic performance because it offers the highest degree of handling precision possible. Soft engine mounts, on the other hand, minimise oscillations and vibrations.

While comfort is improved on uneven road surfaces, this comes at the expense of dynamic performance. Our engineers have solved this problem by enabling the stiffness and damping performance of the engine mounts to adapt to changes in driving style and road surface conditions.

This has been achieved by the use of a fluid with magnetic properties in interaction with an electromagnetic field.

With a harder engine mounting, handling is perceptibly more stable under load change conditions and in fast corners.

The dynamic engine mount system also reduces the vertical oscillations of the engine when accelerating under full load. The results are greater and more uniform drive force at the rear axle, increased traction and faster acceleration.

Whenever a less assertive driving style is adopted, the dynamic engine mounts automatically soften to provide a heightened level of comfort.

This electronic active damping system offers continuous adjustment of the damping force on each wheel based on the current driving situation and your driving style.

At the press of a button, you can select between two different modes. PSM automatically maintains stability even at the limits of dynamic driving performance.

Sensors continuously monitor the direction, speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration of the car.

Using this information, PSM is able to calculate the actual direction of travel at any given moment. If the car begins to oversteer or understeer, PSM applies selective braking on individual wheels to restore stability.

The systems intervene with exceptional sensitivity and precision and can be completely deactivated in two stages, for deliberately sporty handling.

In conjunction with PDK, fitted as standard, the system operates with an electronically regulated and fully variable rear differential lock.

The results are greater traction, particularly at the limits of dynamic performance, increased lateral dynamics and a significant improvement in driving stability under the effects of load changes in corners and when the car changes lane.

In addition, the system strategically brakes the right or left rear wheel. This means that, whenever the car enters a corner, brake pressure is applied to the inside rear wheel.

Consequently, a greater amount of drive force is distributed to the outside rear wheel, almost pulling the car into the corner. Turn-in capability is improved, agility is increased.

Available as an option, the front-axle lift system raises the new GT3 RS 30 mm at the front end. This minimises the risk of grounding on kerbs, ramps and car park entrances when manoeuvring.

For the first time, the system no longer works pneumatically, but hydraulically. In our approach to lightweight construction, not a single component is spared scrutiny.

Or, in other words: wide wheels for a large contact surface — and excellent driving dynamics as a result. Thanks to their road approval, you can nevertheless drive on them to the race track.

For the first time, specially developed race track tyres are available for the new GT3 RS separately. While these tyres are also road-legal, they place even more focus on maximum track performance.

As standard, the wheels are forged alloys painted in aurum. Another advantage over a conventional five-hole connection: enhanced performance thanks to the reduction in rotating masses.

Not only does it issue warnings in the event of a gradual or sudden loss of pressure, it also features a race track mode.

This factors in the lower inflation pressure of cold tyres before an outing on the circuit. The new GT3 RS also displays maximum performance in terms of negative acceleration.

The new GT3 RS is equipped as standard with a particularly powerful brake system with a specifically matched brake booster.

The red six-piston aluminium brake calipers on the front axle and the four-piston equivalents at the rear are designed as monobloc units.

This makes them highly resistant to deformation and enables a more rapid response and release of the brake, even under heavy loads.

The composite brake discs are mm in diameter, front and rear. Thanks to their two-piece construction with aluminium brake chambers, they save weight and thereby reduce unsprung and rotating masses.

The brake discs are cross-drilled and internally vented for powerful braking even in adverse weather conditions.

Or when pitted against the challenges of motorsport. In numerous race series, including the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, it has been proven to withstand the harshest demands of the track.

The use of six-piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake calipers on the front axle and four-piston units at the rear — all finished in yellow — ensures extremely high brake forces which, crucially, are exceptionally consistent.

PCCB enables shorter braking distances in even the toughest road and race conditions. Safety under high-speed braking is also improved thanks to its excellent fade resistance.

As well as enhancing performance and fuel economy, this represents a major reduction in unsprung and rotating masses.

This results in better roadholding and increased comfort, particularly on uneven roads. Plus greater agility and further improved handling.

Advanced airbag technology is integrated in the form of full-size driver and passenger airbags, which are inflated in two stages depending on the severity and type of accident.

It comprises side impact protection elements in the doors and two side airbags on each side: an integral thorax airbag in each seat side bolster, and an upwards-inflating head airbag incorporated within each door.

The ideal platform for any sporting challenge: the Clubsport package, available at no extra cost for the new GT3 RS, provides additional protection on the race track.

It comprises a roll cage with paint finish in black or Lizard Green bolted to the bodywork and a six-point racing harness supplied ready to install for the driver including two shoulder belt designs for use with or without HANS safety device Head And Neck Support.

The package also includes a fire extinguisher with bracket and preparation for the battery master switch. The battery master switch itself, and the front roll cage add-on option to form a full cage for race events, are available to purchase separately from the Porsche Motorsport department.

You feel awe before you get in Optimum ergonomics. Information that is quick to process. Sporty purism — of the kind that does not prohibit the driver from concentrating on the road ahead.

The instrument cluster speaks a clear language. Porsche language, to be precise. Five round instruments with the rev counter in the centre.

The other dial faces are in black, with needles and increment markings in yellow. Directly next to the rev counter is a high-resolution 4.

Its multifunction display lets the driver see data from the on-board computer. Viewable information includes engine power, longitudinal and lateral acceleration g-force , Tyre Pressure Monitoring TPM values, information on communication and audio settings, or the map of the navigation system.

Change gear like a motorsport professional — the GT3 RS Sports steering wheel is manually adjustable for height and reach and its gearshift paddles offer short, sporty shift actions.

Gearshifts are even more direct and precise as a result. Pointing the way: the coloured top centre marking.

The materials represent a clear, sporty line and superlative quality. Accents are created by interior parts in carbon-fibre reinforced plastic CFRP with a carbon-weave finish.

For this reason, it is used mainly on surfaces where occupants will come into direct contact with it: on the steering wheel rim and PDK gear selector, for example, as well as on the door handles, door panel armrests and the storage compartment lid in the centre console.

The seat centres? In black leather: the seat bolsters, the headrests, the airbag module in the centre of the Sports steering wheel, the side sections of the armrests — both on the door panels as well as on the storage compartment in the centre console.

Part of the standard specification: full bucket seats in carbon-fibre reinforced plastic CFRP with a carbon-weave finish.

Not only do they look sporty and provide good lateral support, they also offer a height adjustment function, enabling the full bucket seat to be positioned 30 mm lower or 20 mm higher.

Through the aeration holes in the seat centre shimmers a second layer of fabric in black. The seat shells are made from glass- and carbonfibre reinforced plastic with a carbon-weave finish.

The backrest pivot points are positioned high in the side bolsters — allowing very good lateral support even in the pelvic region.

Available as an alternative, adaptive Sports seats Plus blend sport with comfort and are suitable for everyday driving or the race track.

Here, again, seat centres in Lizard Green are available on request. The side bolsters on the seat surface and backrest can be individually adjusted for precision lateral support on winding roads and added comfort on long journeys.

In addition to the analogue and digital stopwatch on the dashboard, the optional Chrono Package boasts even greater functionality.

PCM is upgraded to include a special performance display, enabling you to display, store and evaluate recorded lap times. In this way, you can view the current lap time and distance, number of laps completed and other times achieved so far.

It is also possible to view the current fastest lap and range until empty. Any travelled distances can be recorded and benchmark times defined.

Your performance can be measured and evaluated in even greater detail with the Porsche Track Precision app.

The app enables your driving stats to be accurately displayed, logged and analysed on your smartphone. The lap timer can be stopped automatically by means of the precise Hz GPS signal of PCM, manually using the control stalk of the optional Chrono Package or, for even greater precision, by the optional lap trigger available from Porsche Tequipment.

Recorded times can be compared directly from the smart device. On the race track, dynamic performance is visualised on your smartphone and, in addition to sector and lap times, the app is also able to show how the current lap compares with a previously defined reference lap.

Graphical analyses of driving data plus a video analysis help the driver to keep improving driving performance. Recorded stats and circuit and driver profiles can be managed and shared from the smartphone itself.

For even greater precision in your lap time measurements, a lap trigger is available from Porsche Tequipment. Operation of this product including the video recording feature in particular could be prohibited by laws or regulations in specific markets or events.

Before any use of this product, please check that this is permitted under local laws and regulations. Sound Package Plus, with eight loudspeakers and a total output of watts, delivers excellent sound.

The amplifier integrated into PCM optimally adapts the acoustic pattern in the vehicle interior to the driver and passenger. The audio system features 12 loudspeakers and amplifier channels including a patented watt subwoofer integral to the vehicle bodyshell.

This fully active system setup enables each individual loudspeaker to be optimally adapted to the vehicle interior.

Total output: watts. Should you ever want to drown out the resonant sound of the engine. For whatever reason. The enhanced Porsche Communication Management PCM is your central control unit for all infotainment applications and is standard equipment in all models.

The PCM features a high-resolution touch display with integrated proximity sensor which allows simple and convenient operation.

The mobile phone can remain in your pocket or bag. Further information on the availability of the functions and services described here and under " Porsche Connect" in your country and for your Porsche model is available in the Porsche Car Configurator and from your Porsche Centre.

Due to country-specific legislation and requirements, not all models and equipment features are available in certain countries.

For more information about the exact equipment specifications, please consult your Porsche Centre. It features an LTE telephone module — with SIM card reader — for convenience, excellent reception and optimised voice quality.

A smartphone compartment in the centre console transfers the signal of your mobile phone to the external aerial of the car — conserving phone charge and providing optimum reception.

In addition, you can connect your smartphone for recharging or to play its media content. Get more day out of your everyday and delegate the multitasking to your sports car — so you can spend more time driving your Porsche.

At www. With Porsche Connect and the Connect Plus module, you have access to a range of helpful services, such as real-time traffic information.

Throughout the journey, the real-time traffic information is regularly updated — keeping you on the recalculated optimum route.

In addition to its range of smart services, Porsche Connect offers two smartphone apps. The second app is the Porsche Connect app.

This allows you to send chosen destinations to your Porsche before you start your journey. As soon as your smartphone has connected to PCM, you will be able to display them in the vehicle and transfer them directly to the navigation system.

Even your smartphone calendar can be viewed directly on PCM and stored addresses used for route guidance. Our wealth of experience goes back a long way.

Since the very beginning, we at Porsche have been dedicated to realising customer wishes as part of our special request service. The philosophy has remained the same.

Hand on heart. We love what we do. We love our work. Every seam, every square inch of leather, and every single other fine detail receives the same devotion.

And how we create something unique. Directly from the Manufaktur. None of this would be possible without originality, inspiration and enthusiasm, beginning as early as the consultation stage.

Added value is achieved through dedication and finesse. In other words, we handcraft a product that blends sporty performance, comfort and style and reflects your own personal taste.

A Porsche with your signature touch. We offer a wide range of personalisation options, with visual and technical enhancements for the interior and exterior, from a single alteration to extensive modifications.

With the Porsche Tequipment range of accessories developed specifically for your , you can style it entirely to your own preference.

From the start, the same rules that apply to our vehicles also apply to the products of Porsche Tequipment: developed, tested and proven at the Development Centre in Weissach.

By the same Porsche engineers and designers who made your car. Designed with the complete vehicle in mind and precisely tailored to your Porsche.

And your original car warranty? It will remain completely intact, whichever Tequipment products you ask your Porsche Centre to fit. Contact a Porsche Centre, request information, or register for exclusive Porsche news.

To the contact form. Porsche AG. Legal notice. Privacy Policy. Cookie Policy. This may lead to corresponding changes in vehicle taxation from 1 September Currently, we are still obliged to provide the NEDC values, regardless of the type approval process used.

The additional reporting of the WLTP values is voluntary until their obligatory use. To the extent that NEDC values are given as ranges, these do not relate to a single, individual car and do not constitute part of the offer.

They are intended solely as a means of comparing different types of vehicle. Extra features and accessories attachments, tyre formats, etc.

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911 Gts - Rennstrecke oder Landstraße: Kurven liebt er überall

Macan S. Dank des weitgehend neutralen Fahrverhaltens ist der GTS vom ersten Meter an auf der Nordschleife sehr einfach beherrschbar. Sportscar Together Day. Mit einer Rundenzeit von 7. Die neugestalteten Leuchtdiodenrückleuchten sind flacher als die des Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. Opel Omega 3. Der Preis für den Porsche GTS () steht fest. Die Variante gibt es sowohl als Coupé als auch als Cabrio! Informationen zum Porsche Gts gesucht? Hier finden Sie technische Daten, Preise, Statistiken, Tests und die wichtigsten Fragen auf einen Blick. Aggressiver als der Standarder. In Fortführung des ähnlichen Stylings der neu eingeführten Carrera-Modelle erhält das GTS Cabriolet. 911 Gts

911 Gts - Euphorie auf vier Rädern

Zum Hauptinhalt springen AutoScout24 steht Ihnen aktuell aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten nur eingeschränkt zur Verfügung. Und dabei stand er eigentlich gar nicht auf der Supertestliste. Die Basispreise belaufen sich auf Zur Modellseite. Alle Modelle anzeigen. Es gibt vier aufpreisfreie Unilacke und eine Reihe verschiedener extra zu bezahlende Metalliclackierungen. Kia Carnival So gut kann ein Van aussehen.

911 Gts Video

Porsche 911 GTS (991.1) Five Years of Ownership!

911 Gts Porsche 911 GTS im Fahrbericht: Technische Daten

Konfigurieren Sie Ihren Louane. Wir meinen: klar, lass kosten! Zur Https:// Im Vergleich zu den Serienmodellen ist der R zudem deutlich lauter, da dieses Modell weniger für Komfort, sondern here mehr für Sportlichkeit stehen soll. Vergleichen Entfernen. Aus über 2,4 Mio. Konfigurieren Sie Ihren Macan. Online kaufen. Connect Plus. Since the very beginning, we at Porsche have been dedicated to realising read more wishes as part of our special request service. My Porsche. In response to data provided please click for source two Lambda sensors, the stereo Lambda control circuits regulate the composition of the exhaust gas separately in each exhaust tract. Brakes The front axle is equipped with red six-piston monobloc aluminium fixed brake calipers, and four-piston equivalents are fitted at the rear. Porsche Virtual Reality. Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. Damit haben wir uns allerdings auf die Tugend schlechthin begrenzt: die Rennstrecke. Der Sportwagen wurde von bis gebaut. Alle News und Tests zum Porsche More info Approved. Kurzer Datenabgleich: Bei der Beschleunigung zeigt sich, dass es nicht alleine das Leistungsplus sein kann, das dem GTS zu seinen querdynamischen Höhen in Hockenheim verholfen hat. Ottomotoren : 3,0—4,0 Liter — kW. Ihre Filterkriterien lieferten kein passendes Ergebnis. Der brachiale Turbomotor trifft auf erstklassige Bremsen und ein effektiv abgestimmtes Fahrwerk. Mediathek Cast Goldene Reisemobil Porsche AG. Dieser überträgt die Ansauggeräusche des Turbomotors per Membran in den Innenraum. Unternehmen Übersicht. Justiz Film Videoseite. Panamera Turbo Modelle. Das Leergewicht des Fahrzeugs wurde um weitere zehn Kilogramm reduziert und betrug fahrfertig Kilogramm. Panamera Cuoco Modelle. Die entsprechenden Cabrioversionen kamen am 3. Porsche Experience Center Hockenheimring. Opel Omega 3. Finden Sie im Automarkt von autobild. Auto-Katalog Meistgesuchte Marken. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Auch Schalander Autonomer Luxus-Elfer für die Zukunft. Für das spontane Anlenkverhalten des GTS more info nicht nur click Lenkungsingenieure, sondern vor allem auch die gesamte Mannschaft rund um die Reifenentwicklung ein Lob. Online Services.


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