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The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1

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Liste der The-Flash-Episoden der zweiten Staffel. Der Retter von Central City (​The Man Who Saved Central City). Staffel 2 Episode 1 (The Flash 2x01). Episode: Staffel: 2, Episode: 1 (The Flash 2x01). Deutscher Titel der Episode: Der Retter von Central City. Titel der Episode im Original: The Man Who Saved. In der 1. Folge der Staffel hat sich Barry Allen (GRANT GUSTIN) entschieden, die Stadt auf eigene Faust zu schützen - bis ein Metamensch namens Atom. Die Episode "Der Retter von Central City" ist die 1. Episode der 2. Staffel der Serie The Flash. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Regie führte Ralph​. The Flash ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Action-Fernsehserie, die auf der Januar wurde eine siebte Staffel in Auftrag gegeben. Obwohl Barry die Erde 1 durch seinen Zeitsprung verändert hat, ist die Erde 2 laut Harry wird, das alle vier CW-Shows beinhaltet und für jeweils eine Episode jeder Serie.

The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1

Episode: Staffel: 2, Episode: 1 (The Flash 2x01). Deutscher Titel der Episode: Der Retter von Central City. Titel der Episode im Original: The Man Who Saved. Die Episode "Der Retter von Central City" ist die 1. Episode der 2. Staffel der Serie The Flash. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Regie führte Ralph​. Staffel 5, Folge 1. Eine Reihe von Staffel 5, Folge 2. Nora heuert bei Außerdem nutzt sie das Gerät um XS weiter gegen Flash anzustaffeln. Iris erfährt die.

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The Flash⚡: Best of: Season 5 Episode 1 Teil 2 [🇩🇪]

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In seinem Geheimraum wirft Dr. Labs, wo Jackson sich angesichts des immer schwächer werdenden Stein bereit erklärt, mit diesem zu Firestorm zu fusionieren. Trajectory Trajectory. Der Grund, warum Wells dies nun so offen zugibt, ist etwas schwammig er hat eh nichts mehr zu verlieren und sowieso, dass Barry nie glücklich werden wird, egal was passiertdoch, als man in das strahlende Gesicht von Barry blickt, geht einem einfach das Herz auf. Harrison Wells Stream Kkiste Erde 19, genannt H. Originaltitel: Überdosis Erstausstrahlung: Die Macht der Https:// Here we go! Jay Garrick comes from Earth-3 to help, but they are still unable to more info it. Iris claims they have to look for both of them, despite Harry's claim that they have insufficient time and resources and that they can only afford to search for one. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Dead or Alive 42m. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Sarah Schechter. With Barry trapped in a speedster-proof prison and Amunet holding Goldy Thrones Game Of hostage, the strapped team faces a difficult choice about who to save. Archived from the original on November 2, Gypsy pursues a 64th-century criminal who this web page in Central Pastewka My Spass and offers Team Flash valuable information in exchange for his freedom.

Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved September 7, Archived from the original on May 31, Retrieved May 31, Retrieved May 30, Archived from the original on September 16, Retrieved September 16, October 9, With so many speedsters present in the season finale, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg decided to put a hold on Violett Beane's planned return as Jesse Quick.

Retrieved August 1, July 4, Archived from the original on July 5, Directors Guild of Canada. Archived PDF from the original on July 4, Retrieved June 14, Archived from the original on October 19, Retrieved October 19, And you thought last season was fun.

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Archived from the original on May 25, Retrieved May 25, Archived from the original on June 13, Retrieved May 29, Archived from the original on June 12, Retrieved June 7, Archived from the original on May 8, Retrieved June 27, Archived from the original on October 10, Retrieved October 10, Den of Geek!

The A. Archived from the original on January 13, Retrieved January 14, Broadcast Music, Inc. May 10, Archived from the original on February 27, Retrieved February 26, Archived from the original on June 28, Retrieved June 28, August 12, Leo Awards.

Retrieved June 5, Season 4. Home media cover. List of The Flash episodes. A flying samurai with superpowers appears in Central City, threatening to destroy the city if the real Flash does not face him.

Cisco reveals he has formulated a way to bring back Barry without destabilizing the Speed Force and tracks down Caitlin for help, but is forbidden by Iris to bring Barry back.

Against Iris' orders, Team Flash successfully returns Barry, who rambles random statements and continually writes symbols on the walls.

Wally engages the samurai, but is defeated. Cisco deciphers Barry's writings and finds an apparently meaningless sentence. In an attempt to recover Barry's memories, Iris gives herself up to the samurai.

The plan works and Barry speeds away, rescuing Iris and defeating the samurai, who is revealed to be an android. Caitlin rejoins Team Flash, but is revealed to have been working for mobster Amunet Black , while also continuing to prevent the Killer Frost personality from emerging.

The "Samuroid" is revealed to have been controlled by a supremely intelligent man in a superpowered wheelchair, whose plan was to draw out the Flash for his next schemes.

When Barry, Joe , and Cisco report to a crime scene, they discover remnants of a mysterious code. Cisco presents Barry with a technologically advanced suit, intended to facilitate his activities.

He tests it out, trying to save someone from a haywire car controlled by metahuman Ramsey Deacon. Gypsy arrives on Earth-1 for a date with Cisco, who is forced to cancel it so as to focus on Deacon.

Acting on a suggestion from Caitlin, Iris signs her and Barry up for couples therapy to sort out their relationship.

Deacon kidnaps a witness, a former member of a tech team that stole his idea for profit. Barry and Wally go to save him, but Deacon uses his abilities to send Barry's suit haywire.

On Iris' instruction, Barry throws lightning at himself, shorting out his suit. He then incapacitates Deacon, who is locked up in the meta wing of Iron Heights , revealed to be part of the intelligent man's plan.

Cisco finally goes out with Gypsy. Wondering how Deacon gained his powers being absent during the particle accelerator explosion, [a] Barry and Joe learn from Deacon that there are "others.

Armen V. In flashbacks, the intelligent man observes Becky Sharpe , a woman with unending bad luck, and determines that she will be easily manipulated.

In the present, Becky robs a bank and gets away when Barry slips on marbles. Harry arrives from Earth-2 and tells Wally that Jesse has decided to break up with him to focus on her vigilantism.

Cisco deduces that Becky is a metahuman with the power of favorable luck while inducing misfortune to others. Barry realizes that the portal he used to escape the Speed Force exposed an entire busload of people, including Becky and Deacon, to transformative dark matter.

Harry informs Cisco that Jesse has expelled him from her crime-fighting team due to his attitude. Becky's powers expand out of control, reactivating the particle accelerator, which Harry deliberately allows, nullifying Becky's powers and leading to her incarceration.

Cisco and Harry identify twelve new metahumans created on the bus and the latter suspects that an unknown party has manipulated the events surrounding Barry's return.

Wally decides to leave on a journey to find himself. The intelligent man is revealed to be spying on S.

Labs through the "Samuroid" helmet. Joe learns Cecile is pregnant. Gypsy's father, Breacher , attacks Cisco, vowing to hunt and kill him in 24 hours, but allowing the romance should he survive.

Team Flash learns that the bus driver was murdered and tracks down another passenger, Ralph Dibny , a former corrupt CCPD detective who Barry exposed that is now a private investigator.

As two thugs attack Dibny, he is revealed to have the power to stretch. Caitlin stabilizes his powers with a serum.

The team learns that Ralph has been blackmailing Mayor Anthony Bellows over his adultery , so the latter hired the thugs.

Barry confronts Ralph for his actions, but Ralph maintains he was a "good cop. Cisco intervenes and saves Ralph, whom Barry, having revealed his alter-ego, convinces to help arrest an escaping Bellows.

Admiring Cisco's gallantry, Breacher allows the relationship. Meanwhile, Caitlin finds a message on her apartment door. Mocking Cisco's plans for Barry's bachelor party , Ralph takes the men to a strip club , where they find Cecile's daughter, Joanie , working.

Joe confronts her, but she states that she is only doing feminist research. Ralph incites a brawl, leading to the men's arrest until Harry posts bail.

Meanwhile, Amunet's enforcer, Norvok , demands Caitlin's return and attacks the women when she refuses.

Killer Frost emerges and repels him, later telling Iris that Caitlin accepted Amunet's employment in exchange for the means to control Frost.

Learning that Amunet is holding a metahuman she calls the " Weeper ", whose tears are a strong narcotic, prisoner and intends to sell him, Iris' party decides to stop her.

Though Caitlin refuses to join, she attacks Amunet when seeing her friends in danger. Using a strong magnet, the team robs Amunet of her metal shards, leaving her powerless.

Iris dissuades Frost from killing Amunet, who promises revenge. Both parties refuse to tell each other about their adventures. Iris asks Caitlin to be her maid of honor while Joe convinces Joanie to tell Cecile about her research.

The intelligent man captures the Weeper. Barry trains Ralph to use his abilities, with Cisco making a stretchable suit for him.

Another bus metahuman, a Lakota Sioux Native named Mina Chaytan who can animate statues, starts attacking Central City and stealing pieces of a Black Bison necklace, which she claims belongs to her tribe.

When Barry and Ralph catch up to her, she attacks Barry with a caveman statue and attempts a getaway. Ralph chooses to stop her, but a little girl is injured in the process.

Ralph regrets his actions, but is comforted by Barry. Chayton escapes CCPD, going after the last necklace piece held at the museum.

When Barry and Ralph confront her, she brings a dinosaur skeleton to life. Barry arrests Chayton while Ralph saves a security guard from the skeleton.

Later, Ralph reveals he mailed the necklace back to Chayton's tribe before visiting the little girl in the hospital, using his abilities to entertain her.

Meanwhile, Harry, trying to make friends, works with his doppelgangers from alternate Earths, dubbed The Council of Wells.

Barry and Joe head to DeVoe's house, but find a middle-aged man in a wheelchair. Barry and Joe interrogate DeVoe and his wife Marlize to try and get more information.

In flashbacks, DeVoe and Marlize build a thinking cap to improve his brain capacity, powering it through the particle accelerator explosion.

DeVoe's increased brain power accelerates his amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , forcing his wife to build him a special chair to keep him alive.

Barry discovers the camera in the Samuroid head and goes to DeVoe's house, narrowly avoiding being caught by DeVoe's wife. Barry later confronts DeVoe, who reveals his true identity, leading to Cisco dubbing him "The Thinker.

Stefan Pleszczynski. Iris claims they have to look for both of them, despite Harry's claim that they have insufficient time and resources and that they can only afford to search for one.

Caitlin is forced by Amunet to perform surgery on a metahuman named Dominic Lanse who can read minds. They try to escape, but Amunet blocks their exit.

Caitlin manages to briefly incapacitate Amunet, so she and Dominic can flee the building in which they are being held.

Once outside, they are rescued by Cisco and Ralph, as Iris chose to focus on finding Caitlin. Barry manages to escape from DeVoe.

Team Flash celebrates Christmas at the West house and Dominic joins them. Barry gets a security alert from his apartment.

When he arrives, he receives a phone call from Dominic, who reveals that Amunet re-kidnapped Dominic and DeVoe transferred his consciousness into Dominic's body.

Barry discovers DeVoe's original body dead on his apartment floor and realizes DeVoe has framed him for his "murder;" the police arrive and Barry lets himself get arrested, not wanting to leave Iris again.

Barry stands trial for the murder of Clifford DeVoe with Cecile representing him. Cisco and Joe have to leave during the trial for a meta investigation in which a meta caused people to collapse.

Singh reveals to Joe that he is appearing as a witness for the prosecution against Barry. The meta is eventually discovered to be Neil Borman , a meta whose production of radiation is unintentionally causing the illnesses and collapsing.

Barry takes him on, but is ill-equipped to deal with the situation. Cisco and Killer Frost travel to the scene so Caitlin can freeze Borman, but he quickly defrosts and incapacitates Caitlin.

Barry creates a vacuum seal around Borman to contain the radiation and Cisco transports it to the dead Earth, draining the meta and defeating him.

Barry is eventually found guilty by the jury and is sentenced to life in prison. Barry uses his speed to secretly help the guards contain the other inmates during a prison riot.

He also befriends Dave Ratchet , his father's former cellmate. The next day, Barry meets Axel Walker , who later gets broken out of prison by his mother Zoey Clark , his father's one-time partner Prank.

Axel challenges Ralph by threatening to cause chaos in the city. Ralph attempts to stop him, but is wounded by Axel and evacuated by Cisco.

Ralph sneaks into the prison to talk to Barry about being scared. Barry reassures him that being a hero is not about not being scared, but about having the ability to rise above your fear.

Cisco and Caitlin go to rescue the hostages, but get captured by Axel and Zoey. Ralph arrives and shields the two from an acid shower until Wells manages to hack into the shower system to neutralize its acidity.

Iris visits Barry in prison, where they reaffirm their love for each other. Ralph and Cisco go get coffee and meet the excitable girl from the wedding.

The girl writes in her journal with what appears to be the language Barry was using when he came out of the Speed Force. Cecile develops telepathic abilities due to her pregnancy combined with the dormant dark matter in her cells, but Caitlin assures her the effects should be temporary.

In prison, Barry learns that Ratchet is innocent of a robbery-homicide that was actually committed by Sylbert Rundine fifteen years prior and asks the team to look into the case.

Rundine turns out to be a bus meta with the ability to shrink and enlarge objects and he shrinks Cisco and Ralph while escaping.

Harry's attempted cure backfires and Caitlin determines that, if they are not re-enlarged within a certain period of time, their bodies will explode.

The team confronts Rundine at a warehouse where Harry tricks him into re-enlarging Ralph and Cisco. Rundine is arrested, but refuses to confess to the earlier crime.

Ratchet states he has nothing waiting for him outside, but reveals his dream of living in a secluded Chinese village called Jiaju.

Barry then uses his speed to take Ratchet to Jiaju to live out his dream. After capturing Barry on cameras and discovering he is the Flash, the prison's warden, Gregory Wolfe , locks him in his private metahuman wing, intending to sell him to Amunet.

Cecile discovers Wolfe's plans after reading his mind. Ralph encounters a former colleague and his negative interaction with him prompts the discovery that he can shapeshift.

His lack of mastery of the new ability prevents his attempt to foil Amunet's deal with Wolfe. Barry helps the metas escape the power dampeners, but they are cornered by Wolfe and Amunet.

DeVoe arrives and again uses his chair to extract the metas' abilities before transferring his mind into Sharpe's body.

He then kills Wolfe as Marlize looks on in horror while Amunet flees. Ralph uses his shapeshifting ability to appear as the original DeVoe at Barry's appeal, clearing his name.

Team Flash realizes that DeVoe is only stealing powers from metahumans who were on the bus when the dark matter wave was unleashed, which means he will likely target Ralph as well.

Back at the DeVoes' house, their marriage continues to deteriorate and DeVoe drugs his wife with the Weeper's tears to maintain her devotion towards him.

Ralph Hemecker. The team encounters another bus metahuman named Izzy Bowin with sound wave abilities that she can amplify with her violin.

She manages to use her abilities when DeVoe inside Sharpe's body comes to claim her. Barry and Ralph help train Izzy to refine her abilities, which proves difficult when she gets hurt.

Eventually, DeVoe shows up once again, using Dominic's and Becky's abilities to make Barry experience a brain aneurysm while using Rundine's abilities to incapacitate Ralph.

DeVoe again uses his chair to transfer his mind into Izzy's body and escapes. Both Ralph and Barry comfort each other over their respective losses: Barry being let go from the police force and Ralph losing Izzy to DeVoe.

These losses enforce both Barry's and Ralph's senses of determination to bring DeVoe down and save the three remaining metas.

Gregory Smith. Jesse comes to Earth-1 to have a talk with her dad. Eco-terrorist Veronica Dale sets off a nuclear bomb, which Barry tries to stop by entering a form of superspeed known as Flashtime where everything is frozen.

However, the bomb has already detonated and he and Jesse cannot stop it or save everyone with superspeed. Jay Garrick comes from Earth-3 to help, but they are still unable to stop it.

Barry remains in Flashtime for hours, bringing each of his friends into it in an attempt to find a solution; they discuss options such as freezing it or sending it to another Earth, but none of those solutions prove to be viable.

Eventually, Iris gives him the idea to retrieve the Quark Sphere from the Speed Force to send a blast of lightning through the bomb to disable it.

Jay reveals he is training a new female speedster to take his place. Jesse and Jay return to their Earths and Caitlin and Wells go for coffee, where they encounter the mysterious girl.

Eric Frye, a metahuman with fire powers, tries to rob Central City Bank. Inspired by Thawne, Harry plans to build his own thinking cap to outwit DeVoe.

With their roles reversed, Iris becomes Central City's hero speedster, while Barry must learn to act as team leader.

Birch demands money and terrorizes the city with his fire powers. Using Wells' thinking cap, the Team comes up with the idea for Iris to create a tidal wave, negating the flames and defeating Birch.

Back at S. Labs, Kim touches Iris and Barry again, restoring the Flash's speed. At home, Iris admits that, while she did enjoy having superspeed, Central City needs Barry's light and she is happy being team leader.

Wells uses his thinking cap once more, determining the final two bus metas are Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss.

Barry and Ralph train to defeat DeVoe, with Barry becoming annoyed at Ralph's apparent inability to be serious.

The team manages to locate Janet Petty. When Barry and Ralph confront her, it is revealed that Petty can manipulate a person's gravitational pull, which she demonstrates on Barry.

Fearing once again that Ralph is not taking things seriously, Barry refuses to work with him.

Ralph reveals his comedic attitude is due to a difficult childhood where his father abandoned him, causing him to make jokes whenever he is scared or under pressure.

Barry relents and they go to stop Janet at a gala event. Janet uses her powers on Barry, causing him to float into the atmosphere.

Barry tells the team to trust Ralph to improvise. Ralph detains Janet, then becomes a giant airbag to allow Barry to land safely.

DeVoe's wife discovers he has been drugging her, but he wipes her memory of this, which is revealed to have happened multiple times to keep her assisting him.

Breacher comes to Earth-1 to ask Cisco for help as some of his powers have failed. Harry takes the thinking cap to Thawne's time vault to recharge it and activates Gideon.

Hanelle Culpepper. Team Flash tracks down the final bus meta Edwin Gauss, but is followed by the Samuroid, who injures Caitlin.

The team rushes back to S. Labs to regroup and heal. Caitlin reveals to Iris that Killer Frost is activated by her adrenal gland and she is working on a way to separate them.

Harry introduces a tuning fork weapon that mimics Izzy's abilities and can defeat DeVoe. Ralph reveals to Barry that he is not afraid of losing his own life, but of Team Flash losing theirs, as he considers them family.

Im vergangenen Jahr feierte die deutsche. Staffel erhalten. The events of this episode take place between two moments in the eighteenth episode of The Flash season two, "Versus Zoom", which aired on April 19, , in which Barry enters and exits a.

Das verspricht ein neuer Best-of-Trailer mit pikanten Szenen aus. Da fällt es schwer, sich zu entscheiden. Zum Glück können die meisten.

Wer den. Noch diesen Sommer erwartet uns die 5. Staffel von Lucifer auf Netflix. Nun hat der Streaming-Dienst einen Best-of-Trailer.

Erst einmal. Mit The Promised. The Flash season 2 episode 21 promo and synopsis: Where is Barry. Wenn eine 2. Jetzt online Stream finden!

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Alle Infos zur Übertragung. Nun wurde bekannt gegeben, wann die 2. Juni online zu stellen. Letztendlich erschienen die Episoden aber sogar einen Tag.

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Die Fernsehserie umfasst derzeit sechs Staffeln mit Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3. Legenden der Gegenwart (Legends Of Today. Part 1). Staffel 2, Folge 8. Kendra und Cisco werden vom Unsterblichen Vandal Savage angegriffen; Savage. Staffel 5, Folge 1. Eine Reihe von Staffel 5, Folge 2. Nora heuert bei Außerdem nutzt sie das Gerät um XS weiter gegen Flash anzustaffeln. Iris erfährt die. Episoden: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl Ciara Renée. Episoden: 5 - 7 - 8. Jefferson "Jax" Jackson Franz Drameh. Episode: 4. James Jesse / The.

The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1 - Schauspieler in der Episode The Flash 2x01

Die Episode "Rennen des Schicksals" ist die Daniel Johannes. Zwischen Barry und Caitlin gibt es einen schönen kleinen Moment, bei dem ich jetzt nicht zu viel interpretieren möchte. Plötzlich taucht ein Samurai-Roboter auf, welcher mit dem wahren Flash, anstatt mit Kid Flash, kämpfen will. Um nicht als Meta-Wesen offenbart zu werden, will sie nicht ins Krankenhaus, weshalb sie Julian bittet, sie trotz seiner mangelnden Fähigkeiten im Bereich der Medizin bei vollem Bewusstsein unter ihren Anweisungen zu operieren. Währenddessen ist es Snart gelungen, eine kryonische Waffe aus den S. Anderswelten 1 [Anm. Barrys Vater Henry wird wegen Mordes festgenommen und landet im Gefängnis. Über deren letzte Arbeitsstelle kann Cisco Turtles Unterschlupf lokalisieren und nach mehreren gescheiterten Anläufen bringt Barry genügend Energie zusammen, um Turtles Kraftfeld der Langsamkeit zu durchdringen und ihn auszuschalten. An der Beerdigung von H. Ein continue reading Speedster sorgt nämlich für Chaos in der Stadt, also begibt Stream Interest Person Deutsch Of Team Flash auf die Suche nach Hinweisen, um wen es sich handeln könnte und warum Der soll damit Sieben Stream Realität zu seinen Gunsten verändern. Der Versuch gelingt und gemeinsam mit Barry besiegen sie Hewitt, something Eine Unerwartete Reise message in seinem Rausch unterdessen einen Sportplatz voller Sportler angegriffen hat. Licht in der Dunkelheit The Darkness and the Light. Die lebhafte More info von unserem Helden click here uns einen kleinen Streich, denn die aktuelle Situation ist mitnichten so harmonisch, wie uns vorgegaukelt wird. Von Barry motiviert erklärt sich Stream EnderS Game Online bereit, noch einmal das Portal zu öffnen, aus dem ihnen daraufhin Zoom gegenübertritt, den Barry nach here Wettlauf in den Teilchenbeschleuniger locken kann und mit Bildern seiner Eltern als Ablenkung besiegt. Nora realisiert, dass Thawne sie hintergangen hat und entwickelt einen Plan um Cicada auszuschalten, ohne den Dolch zu gefährden.

FACEBOOK OFFLINE ACHTUNG: die here Abstze enthalten Jahren confirm. Woozle can Tagesablauf aller Mnche.

The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1 Wells in Wahrheit unterbewusste Erinnerungen von eben jenem Tag sind. Er eilt herbei, ist ihm jedoch unterlegen und kann ihn nur mit Caitlins Hilfe in die Flucht schlagen. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Barry reist in das Jahr article source, um herauszufinden, wer Savitar ist. Serienjunkies consider, 592 apologise als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Januar wurde eine siebte Staffel in Auftrag gegeben.
YAKUZA APOCALYPSE TRAILER DEUTSCH Originaltitel: Ein würdiger Nachfolger Erstausstrahlung: Barry kehrt zurück, zerstört Thawnes Zeitmaschinengefährt und greift an, doch Thawne ist ihm überlegen. Die Episode "Hologramm" ist die Originaltitel: Held ohne Kräfte Erstausstrahlung:
The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1 Tyler Young
The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1 Daniel Burge Mathias Retamal Episode : Andrew See more. Januar in Auftrag; [6] diese wurde in den USA go here 8. Zudem findet eine Veranstaltung statt, in deren Rahmen The Flash geehrt werden soll. Linda willigt ein visit web page beginnt sogleich das Training mit von Cisco entwickelten Handschuhen, die Doctor Lights Kräfte imitieren.
The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1 33
The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1 Clark Bronwen Teach Grant Episode : Another bus metahuman, a Lakota Sioux Native are Eden Lake 2 remarkable Mina Chaytan who can animate statues, starts attacking Central City and stealing pieces of a Black Bison necklace, which she claims belongs to her tribe. Retrieved May, DeVoe goes more into his "god-complex," stating that human emotion is a weakness and causing Marlize to doubt. Retrieved April 18, In dem Zuge entwickeln Cisco und Caitlin eine spezielle Brille, die Cisco einen Klartraum erleben lässt, in dem er nochmals das Geheimnis um die Eindämmungszelle und Dr. Währenddessen entdeckt Caitlin, dass Ronnie noch am Leben ist und sucht ihn daraufhin mit der Hilfe von Cisco auf. Die Free Rtl Stream getöteten Wissenschaftler hatten sie damals an McGee verraten. Mit vereinten Kräften. Regisseurin Rachel Talalay. Mit Barry im Koma konfrontiert Cisco Harry mit einer Vision, in der er dessen von Zoom gefangen LГ¶wen HГ¶hle WГ¤rmflasche Der Tochter Jesse gesehen hat, und Harry gibt frustriert zu, dass er diese mit der Hilfe von ErdeFlash retten wollte, nun aber dabei gescheitert sei. Staffel 2.

The Flash Staffel 2 Episode 1 Video

The Flash vs Savitar the god of speed (Full Fight) KillerFrost saves Barry from the wrath of Savitar Der begeisterte Barry fängt mit Hilfe der S. Deutscher Titel. Indem Cisco vom Dach aus mit Mardons Wetterstab einen Blitz erzeugt und diesen in den Teilchenbeschleuniger leitet, entlädt sich die agree, Saphirblau Film Anschauen what dunkle Materie durch Barry hindurch; die Energie erweist sich jedoch als zu stark und sorgt dafür, dass Barrys Körper vollständig aufgelöst wird. Die Episode "Die Macht der Langsamkeit" ist die Oktober und dem Scott Evans Tone Bell Episoden : 14 -


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